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How to put on ribbon/trim without sewing!

No sewing machine? No problem! Here’s how to make any no-sew project using an iron-on fusible tape.

You can buy a iron- on tape at any sewing/fabric/hobby store. It looks like this:






















Step 2.

Remove the protection paper and put the thin see-through-iron-on-tape where you want your trim/ribbon/decor on the garment.






















Step 3.

When all set it is time to iron on! Use a thin cotton cloth to protect the ribbon while ironing. Follow instructions on the product you have bought when it comes to heat and duration. It may be small differences.  It is about 10 seconds on cotton heat. Make sure you don’t move the iron around as the trim/ribbon shall not move!  Make sure the ribbon was placed well before you continue. I have used small sewing pins to keep the ribbon in place.























That’s it!  Your done!  Check out: Video 17.04.2018, 12 02 11

sjal med dekorbånd- klesarvensjal med dekorbånd- klesarven

sjal med dekorbånd- klesarven
























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